It is our intention to make our school accessible to children and their families.

In order to accomplish this, we operate a waiting list and children are accepted and admitted on a first -come- first -serve basis.

Specific criteria are considered when allocating children from the waiting list, providing the child is of the age acceptable in that class. Discretion is however exercised by the school’s management team who will consider each child on an individual basis.

Admission is considered after the payment of a registration fee, filling and submission of forms which are provided to the parents as well as after a placement assessment has been written by children in the primary classes to help assess the child’s areas of strengths and specific needs.

For further enquiry or to book a tour, please call 08023306107, 08025521944


A breakdown of fees would be provided to the prospective parents and classes begins when fees have been paid and the necessary forms and questionnaires are filled and returned.