About Us

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to developing the total child through the provision of a safe caring and stimulating environment for learning, thereby setting the pace and building a foundation for individual intellectual and creative excellence.

Our Objectives

  • To facilitate a learning process that will help nurture and form the needed foundation for each child to reach his/her age appropriate potential
  • To provide resources, planned interventions and programs targeting the specific developmental and learning needs of each child.
  • To support, co-operate and work in partnership with parents, guardians and other caregivers work within a framework that ensures equality of opportunity for all children and
  • families.
  • To provide an inclusive learning environment geared towards the all-round development of the total child.

Our Principles

In  Pleasant Places, children are treated with warmth, care and respect. We strongly uphold the rights of a child and recognise that each child is unique and should be exposed to an enabling environment for the development of positive relationships that would facilitate optimum learning and development.

We do not discriminate or exclude any child on the basis of sex, race, and colour, ethnic or national origin.

We provide an inclusive environment where equality and diversity is upheld.

All children will be respected and their individuality and potentials recognised, valued and nurtured. Activities and the use of play and learning resources offer children opportunities to develop in an environment free from prejudice and discrimination. Appropriate opportunities will be given to children to explore, acknowledge and value similarities and differences between themselves and others.